Sam Ashford


I’m the director at BigAssAnalPorn. I love my job and running the site. We offer different niche adult ass fucking content. Our team help to bring you the best of anal videos. Most adult sites have poor content mixed in with great content. We pick out the best adult videos. So everything we show will be worth watching. I enjoy writing and website maintenance. In my spare time, I enjoy fine food and keeping fit.

Sam Ashford

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About our content

We revel in offering an array of depraved adult content. And we specialize in the niche of anal penetration. Other adult sites may present a mix of quality and mediocrity. But we pride ourselves in hand-selecting our videos. We select the most vile and explicit videos for your viewing pleasure. Every scene we showcase will be a testament to the depths of depravity. We picked each one to satisfy your twisted cravings.

I’m responsible for adding to this collection of filth. And take perverse pleasure in crafting enticing descriptions and titles. I prepared them to lure those sick enough to indulge in this content. It is a labour of love, meeting the darkest recesses of human desire.

When I’m not in this world of explicit debauchery, I dabble in other things. Indulging in fine food, for even one such as I must sustain this vile vessel. And, of course, I must maintain my physique. I do it for the twisted minds that seek a visual image of their darkest fantasies.