Content Removal

Abuse Reporting Form

    Reporting Abusive and Illegal Content

    If you encounter abusive, illegal, or harmful content on our site, you must report it. We have a dedicated support team working to ensure the safety and integrity of our platform.

    • We take every content removal request seriously. And act on any content that breaches our terms of service.
    • When reporting, rest assured that your details remain confidential. Only our team will have access to this information.
    • If you’re a victim of abuse or come across content that seems abusive, reach out to us.

    Respecting Privacy and Consent

    We forbid content sharing without a person’s consent. Including but not limited to:

    • Non-consensual production and distribution, which may encompass revenge porn or blackmail.
    • Revealing personal details like names, addresses, or phone numbers.

    Child Sexual Abuse Material Policy

    We have a zero-tolerance policy for content that violates CSAM. CSAM is as Child Sexual Abuse Material guidelines. We will remove any such content or abusive or illegal materials.

    Community Reporting Features

    We hope you enjoy most of the content on our website. But we understand some may be inappropriate or distressing. If you find such content:

    • Contact us or use our flagging feature.
    • Make sure to include the video URL and any other relevant details.

    User-Uploaded Content

    We upload user-generated videos. And are committed to ensuring these comply with our terms:

    • We check all uploaded content for compliance with our Terms of Service. And the UK and US law.
    • We treat reports of violations with utmost urgency. And will remove reported content quickly.

    Copyright Take-down and Permissions

    Should you find any content on our sites without your consent? Or if it infringes upon your copyright:

    • Report the violation. And consider using our online copyright take-down request form. Using this method will make for faster processing.
    • Reach out to us at for any related queries.
    • Regarding copyrighted material, we use a digital fingerprinting service. It helps to curb unauthorized uploads.

    Legal Concerns and Reporting

    For issues related to trademarks, privacy or legal concerns:

    Use our ABUSE REPORTING FORM. It’s at the top of this page for quick processing.

    Our Jurisdiction and Compliance

    We operate within the United States and the UK. We adhere to local copyright laws:

    • We don’t follow the copyright laws of other nations. And focus on UK and US regulations.
    • In line with the DMCA or CMA, we prioritize our platform’s protection against liability. And we penalize repeated copyright infringers.

    For any additional details or concerns, feel free to contact us.